Sandy Knoblach and Scott Smith Wedding

Scott and Sandy Photo.jpg

"After a year of planning, searching for the perfect vendors, location, the perfect suit and perfect dress, the perfect food getting ready for the perfect night... after everything was said and done, two things are said to us about our wedding. People say it was an amazing party,and that we had the best DJ. I'm not making this shit up. Not just our friends either, my Mom. My mom, who listens to Pitbull (Im not kidding) loved the music. Here's what makes Jamie the best DJ ever. He cares. He simply cares about you, your big day, the job he's doing, everything. It was important to my wife and I that we found someone who got us, our style, our music, etc. Jamie was the perfect guy for the job and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides, he's cool as all hell and a pleasure to work with. Also, he has impeccable taste and has a crazy vinyl collection to back it up. YAY for Jamie, the best DJ a couple could ask for. Just reach out to him, meet up with him, talk music, you won't regret it." - Scott Smith

"The only enjoyable part of wedding planning for me was finding Jamie and talking music. My husband and I were thrilled to find a vinyl DJ who understood us and our style of music. Jamie was pleasure to work with and cool guy to get to know. Our guests LOVED the music and complemented us on his skills. I highly recommend Jamie's services and wish we could do it all over again!" - Sandy Knoblach