Emily Schaeffer and Michael Omer-Man Wedding

"I'll just come out and say it: we had the best music of any wedding I've been to before and since ours! Jamie played the perfect combination of tunes from the genres we selected to fit the exact moment of the wedding, from cocktail hour to dinner to dancing. The music built upon itself, telling a story that flowed flawlessly and fit each moment of the wedding perfectly. Most importantly - and impressively - he had everyone from toddler, to Gen X survivor, to octogenarian shaking their booties all night long! Our guests, from uncles to best friends, complimented us repeatedly.

Music is an essential part of both my and my husband's lives, but although we had been together for two years, finding common musical ground seemed daunting. (Were we going to have a wedding playing only NIN, Tool and Tori Amos?!) Jamie has a vast and impressive collection of music. Through discussions by phone and a super fun exercise he created that we each did, Jamie homed in on our individual and mutual tastes and helped us design a playlist that would have us both exclaiming, "I love this song!" over and over throughout the night (playing, for instance, upbeat and danceable tracks from Morrissey, to the Cure, to Depeche Mode, weaving in rug-cutting songs by Michael Jackson, David Bowie and the like). He also made planning a wedding from abroad easy, affordable and even fun! We can't recommend him more highly." - Emilly Schaeffer