Julia Barker and Andrew Geweke Wedding


“DJ Jackie Sugarlumps was FANTASTIC: she played terrific music, adapted to the crowd, handled a tricky three-location wedding day while making it all look easy…and we got a ton of compliments on our music afterwards from all our guests. Awesome.

It’s obviously a bit nerve-wracking picking a DJ for your wedding — this isn’t something most people do very often! — but Jackie made it easy. From sitting down with us to discuss musical styles — she coaxed good stuff out of us, despite us not exactly being music nerds! — to coming up and visiting our (far-away!) venue weeks ahead of time to get the lay of the land, to picking up on exactly the right kind of music for us and our crowd, it all was easy and felt great.

By the time the big day came, we were feeling really confident about things…and they went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and the music perfect, her MCing was great at getting our guests to where they needed to go (and juggling multiple speeches), the reception felt perfect, and our dance-party-in-a-barn was a total blast. We were both really impressed and incredibly happy with the results. I’d highly recommend her to anybody.” - Andrew Geweke