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Finally, a wedding DJ as cool as you are.


We offer custom, boutique DJ services for the discerning music listener.


We honed our chops in San Francisco's indie dance clubs with award-winning theme parties across a range of styles and eras — all presented in a classic, mixed-genre format guaranteed to keep the party moving, even when you thought moving to that style of music wasn't even possible.  Basically we can make your grandma dance to anything.

The throb of sex... is palpable.
— SF Weekly, Best of San Francisco
The kind of pleasure not experienced since heroin went out of vogue.
— SF Bay Guardian, Best of the Bay
He scours local record stores for popping... LPs, which run the gamut...
— Abby Wilcox, The Bold Italic
We wanted to do something that reflected our own experience of growing up.
— Michelle Broder Van Dyke, SF Chronicle
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of nostalgia to fire up one’s desire to dance.
— Christina Li, East Bay Express
With each of these nights, the specific nostalgia they’re evoking is still fairly fresh, even as the tracks themselves have grown dusty.
— Jennifer Maerz, SF Weekly
It’s a pleasant surprise to find that they treat that era’s hip-hop and R&B with the same respect to detail and back story.
— Patric Fallon, SF Weekly
It’s basically the best thing going until someone stops being lazy and invents an actual time machine.
— Dylan MacTurk, Do The Bay
Crazed retro DJ dance parties.
— San Francisco Magazine, Best of San Francisco
One of the biggest DJs in SF.
— Allison McCarthy, 7x7
A dynamic spectacle... He’s a natural showman with a highly theatrical style... His mixes were seamless.
— Derek Opperman, SF Weekly
The DJ will have you singing songs you wish you didn’t know the words to.
— Vice, Guide to San Francisco
Nostalgia for the 90’s is for old people.
— Marke B., 48 Hills
Special thanks to Ted Leibowitz at Bagel Radio and Jamie Guzzi of Debaser for their suggestions.
— NPR Music, All Songs Considered