Bring your romantic mixtape to life.


Our specialty is understanding how and why your favorite styles of music work and putting it in a context your family can understand and your friends can dance to.  We want your wedding to be as close to that mixtape you exchanged on your first date as possible and to bring your favorite songs to life.


Our Team

Jamie Jams

Award-winning local DJ and founder of the infamous Debaser parties, Jamie specializes in making obscure genres of indie danceable, recreating the mood and feeling of specific eras and placing pretty much any style in its appropriate historic context for an effect reminiscent of time travel.  

He's been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, the SF Weekly, the SF Bay Guardian, San Francisco Magazine, 7x7, The Bold Italic, The Bay Bridged, 48 Hills and Broke Ass Stuart's Goddam Website among others;  has mixes on Live 105, KQED and NPR Music; and even was featured in a short film for Current TV. 

He's humbly shared the stage with shoegaze gods like Ride, The Telescopes and Medicine and more contemporary acts like Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Passion Pit and Washed Out.  He's got a Best of the Bay and a Best of the SF Weekly hanging on the wall and can be found opening for Stereolab at 1015 Folsom 10/17 and intermittent late nights on KALX 90.7 FM, Berkeley.


Co-founder of the Debaser crew, Matthew Davis aka DJ Emdee has been rocking parties since the early 2000's; first as part of our Rock Box party, where we recreated the vibe of downtown New York 1981 with a mix of punk, funk and old school hip hop; then as part of our Club Neon party where we cut our teeth on the classic, mash-up style of DJ'ing diverse genres in a party mix; then as a co-founder of our Debaser party, where we pioneered moshing to alternative rock 12 inches; and finally as a co-founder of Last Nite, where we alternately recreate an early 2000's electro club, a mid 2000's indie dance club and a late 2000's chillwave club.

Matthew is a veteran theme party thrower, a master of disguise, and founder and Creative Director of his own advertising studio, The Savage Bureau.


A partner in the production of Last Nite, both literally and figuratively, Rocky Ordonez aka DJ Rocky specializes in high intensity tag team DJ'ing where she helps recreate the feeling of being at an early 2000's indie club in the vein of Diplo's old Hollertronix parties or a radio show by mash-up cult favorites 2manydjs.

Trained as a sound engineer, she helps keep Jamie from blowing the levels as they trade off on track selection, EQ tricks, and generally trying not to melt anyones ears.  She's a singer, songwriter and guitarist with a locally noteworthy indiepop record as part of Miami's See Venus.  A pop and IDM aficionado, she helped develop much of the song list that would go on to be Last Nite.

She and Jamie are also romantic partners and live together in San Francisco with their cat, Philly.