Megan Miller and Jeff Pello Wedding


“Professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and down for a bit of an adventure. Jamie listened to our ideas and developed the perfect soundtrack for our wedding in the Joshua Tree area. He seamlessly transitioned from Gram Parsons-inspired, country/western tunes early in the event to a dance party that had the older and younger folks kicking up dust in the desert late into the night. What's more is that Jamie and his girlfriend/co-DJ, Rocky, were excited for a bit of an adventure and made the trek to the desert from SF for the wedding! Phenomenal service! Highly recommend Jamie and the folks at Ceremony DJs!!!” - Jeff Pello

Karen Choy and Jan-Ole Simon Wedding


“Jamie is a fantastic DJ. Besides playing exactly what we wanted and knowing how to mix and match music to make the flow perfect, Jamie is also extremely professional and reliable. He is in constant communication from the planning stages to the day of the wedding. He is a very pleasant person to work with, and his enthusiasm and knowledge made me really happy because I knew he cared a lot about what he was doing and wanted to do a fantastic job. All my friends loved the music, and my husband and I are extremely satisfied. Music was one of our top priorities in our budget and Jamie fit the bill perfectly. Highly recommended!” - Karen Choy

“James had a great feeling for what we wanted, a wedding with great music finally. We had people from all over the US and other countries coming and still he mad everybody dance!” - Jan-Ole Simon

Elyse Masias and Shane Boylan Wedding

Elyse and Shane.jpg

“Jamie was absolutely incredible. Not only is he just the nicest guy, but he is a true lover of music and has a magical quality to capture the magic of a moment in song. From our beginning consultations, we knew he would be the perfect fit for our 11 hour wedding and he rose to the challenge with decades worth of interesting, fun and dance-heavy songs. His ability to read the crowd was uncanny - easily transitioning between hip hop, funk, rock and even some Irish music, he made it all seamless. We cannot thank him enough, our friends and family are STILL raving about how good our music was. Thank you Jamie, you are the best.” - Elyse Masias

Lauren Cross and Evan Jones Wedding

Cross-Jones Photo 1.jpg

“The best wedding DJ ever! (And I’ve been to a lot of weddings). James did such an awesome job with our wedding, we were being complimented nonstop about how good the music was and how well he was reading the dance floor (and keeping people dancing)! He listened to our requests and came up with lots of ideas that fit our more unique theme of a British wedding and my very eclectic music tastes. We have been to a lot of weddings recently, and ours was definitely the only one that kept people dancing until closing. He also did a great job with the music before and after the ceremony, plus acting as an emcee whenever we needed. I should also add, our was a destination wedding being planned from Denver, so we never met in person and it still went perfect. He was super nice and professional, can’t recommend him enough!” - Lauren Cross

”Everything we wanted and more. Jamie played my wedding and was everything we wanted and more. We planned the wedding remotely and had to put a ton of faith in our vendors. Jamie did not dissappoint. His level of communication leading up to the day was just enough that we felt confident, but not too much to stress us out. We had a number of songs that could not be sourced on typical stresming services and Jamie found a way to get high-quality versions of these songs ready to go. His music kept the event running smoothly and his planning / time management with his music was spot on. His mix kept the dance floor going the entire night. His read of the crowd and of us was impeccable. This is the DJ you want for your special day, we love Jamie!” - Evan Jones

Margaret Wickham and Dan Parrella Wedding

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“We had the pleasure of working with Jackie Sugarlumps for our wedding and were extremely pleased. Jackie met with us more than once to get to know us and guide us through not just the music but also the flow of the whole evening. What we wound up with was a great set list of music and a fun party for everyone - and she made it all very easy for us. Thank you, Jackie!” - Dan Parrella

Yoyo Chan and Kyle Destiche Wedding

Chan-Destiche Photo 1.jpg

“Jamie is THE BEST!! We couldn't be happier with selecting him as our wedding DJ. The entire experience of working with him was great. He spent lots of time familiarizing himself with the type of music and vibe we were looking for, and the evening was absolute perfection. I also appreciated his ability to cover everything from the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and DANCE PARTY! His collection is diverse (we had everything from Willie Nelson to E40) and he was totally committed to making our vision happen. It also helps he is a totally cool person, accessible and communicative.” - Yoyo Chan

”Jamie was the perfect DJ for our wedding. He has a vast knowledge of music and really cared about the feeling we wanted to present through music. He met with us before the wedding to get an idea of what we wanted and what our guests would like to hear. He delivered above and beyond our expectations, played music that we loved and his timing and professionalism were top notch. Jamie even worked to customize his system to work in our unique venue. Most importantly, Jamie is professional, he cares, and knows what he is doing, which meant he worked independently and didn't take time out of our busy day. The end result was everything we could have hoped for.” - Kyle Destiche

Julia Barker and Andrew Geweke Wedding


“DJ Jackie Sugarlumps was FANTASTIC: she played terrific music, adapted to the crowd, handled a tricky three-location wedding day while making it all look easy…and we got a ton of compliments on our music afterwards from all our guests. Awesome.

It’s obviously a bit nerve-wracking picking a DJ for your wedding — this isn’t something most people do very often! — but Jackie made it easy. From sitting down with us to discuss musical styles — she coaxed good stuff out of us, despite us not exactly being music nerds! — to coming up and visiting our (far-away!) venue weeks ahead of time to get the lay of the land, to picking up on exactly the right kind of music for us and our crowd, it all was easy and felt great.

By the time the big day came, we were feeling really confident about things…and they went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and the music perfect, her MCing was great at getting our guests to where they needed to go (and juggling multiple speeches), the reception felt perfect, and our dance-party-in-a-barn was a total blast. We were both really impressed and incredibly happy with the results. I’d highly recommend her to anybody.” - Andrew Geweke

Grace Yau and Devin Riley Wedding

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“We hired James to DJ our wedding and he absolutely crushed it. We went in thinking he'd just do our dance music at the reception, but he ended up doing a fantastic job with our ceremony and dinner music as well.

He spent a bunch of time with both of us going over our musical backgrounds and sneaking hidden gems from our conversations into his set list. He was hyper-aware to play music that both us and our guests, including family, would enjoy. He transitioned smoothly from more recognizable

James convinced me playing some low-key music during dinner would help set the tone and it was a great call. He played a cool, nonintrusive set during dinner and then blew it away with a bunch of fun dance jams at night. People were getting weird on the dance floor by the end, which is really all we wanted.

Don't let Ceremony's rock / indie vibe throw you off either, he was knowledgable in all the genres we talked about, and was very careful to tailor the set to what we wanted most. We mostly went for rap for our dancing and he knocked it out of the park with his set.” - Devin Riley

Xander Piper and Andy Scudder Wedding

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“Jamie was playing the night that me and my husband-to-be met, and I knew I had to have him DJ for my engagement party. Jamie and Rocky got the whole party dancing while still incorporting our eclectic and esoteric tastes. We can’t wait for them to DJ our wedding!” - Xander Piper

“My husband and I knew we wanted to get Ceremony DJs for our wedding because they were behind the decks when my husband and I first met. But, that alone wasn’t why we loved having them play at our wedding. For our initial consultation, Jamie and Rocky has us sit down with them and discuss the music that is special to us, our friends, and family. Jamie was impressed with how broad our family’s taste was, and was up to the task of making it all fit together! We wanted something special and that represented our tastes, and not just a generic playlist or top 40 pop songs. They went above and beyond when it came to a special request we had. When discussing the plan for the reception and the first dance, we mentioned that we needed a singer for the Magnetic Fields song my husband’s best man was going to perform. As luck would have it, Rocky used to sing in a Magnetic Fields cover band and so was happy to also step into the role of singer again for our first dance! When it was time to plan the setup during the site visit, their experience and familiarity with the venue really showed as they had a plan in mind that allowed us to move seamlessly from an amplified ceremony to music through the reception and dancing that followed. On the day of, they got us through one scheduling hiccup flawlessly. The rest of the night was full of joy thanks to their selections that filled the dance floor, and we had guests asking for a set list right afterwards because they loved the music so much! We really could not have been happier with choosing Ceremony DJs for our wedding.” - Andy Scudder

Christine Goffredo and Julian Aguayo-Pohl Wedding

Goffredo-Pohl Photo 1.jpg

“The most amazing experience you could ask for in a DJ. These guys really really know music. I did a lot of DIY/nontraditional things for my wedding (a friend took photos, not a professional, I had no cake, I didn't have a wedding party--that kind of thing), and I was intending to make my own playlist. But as I did more planning, I realized how much WORK goes into that, and knowing what to play, and how could I change songs in the middle of my own wedding? Plus, my wedding combined people who liked 70's rock with Puerto Ricans who love merengue and friends who love indie. So, I decided to hire Jamie because I used to go to his Debaser DJ shows in San Francisco and loved them. I'm so glad I went with him--it made me feel so relieved and took a lot of stress off. He did a consultation where he asked us about our friends and family's music tastes, and about what my now husband and I really liked and wanted to hear. He saw threads through those totally disparate sounding genres that we never would have seen, and he crafted a beautiful, seamless evening of music that kept everyone stoked, dancing, and in the best moods ever, from pre-ceremony through reception. Even my sister-in-law's DJ boyfriend couldn't believe the transitions. Also, he knew way more about weddings than I or my husband did. Jamie's wedding experience actually helped us plan our schedule so the day flowed perfectly, and music never stopped. We requested a mash-up for our first dance, and a specific part of a song for exiting the aisle, and he nailed it. At the end of the night, we got permission from the venue to stay an hour later, and I don't know how, but he kept the seamless flow of music going that whole hour. Lastly, he's an awesome awesome person, who is flexible, down to earth, energetic, and great to work with. In sum: everything was just absolutely amazing.” - Christine Goffredo

Danielle Perez and Drew Daniel Wedding

Perez-Daniel Photo 1.jpg

“When I started looking for a DJ, I knew I didn't want your typical cheesy DJ that barks at the crowd and plays the chicken dance. I knew Jamie's DJ work and thought he would be a great fit. And he was! He worked with us months in advance to make sure he knew our music likes and dislikes. My FH had a great time talking music with Jamie, who is a music knowledge god. He then came up with a playlist that kept us dancing all night! He was flexible and accommodating when I changed the set-up of the dance area on him day of. He also provided the music for our ceremony. Overall, exceeded our expectations!” - Danielle Perez

“Jamie by far is one of the nicest djs I have ever met. He djed for me and my wife's wedding in May. When I heard he actually uses turntables and records I was blown away with excitement. Months before the amazing day he sent us an extensive list of stuff he has. Me being really into an eclectic range of genres had a blast picking and choosing bands/artists my wife and I would love to hear at our wedding. We was stoked on some of the stuff we chose and he also was very intrigued by our love of 90's hip/hop and country. Weeks before the wedding he came and toured our venue with us to see where he was going to set up. Jamie did such an amazing job queing and looping the jams all throughout the day and night! We had a blast dancing and everyone enjoyed all the music! He goes above and beyond and you can see and tell he enjoys what he does. Thanks again Brother!” - Drew Daniel

Brittany Schell and Ryan Loughlin Wedding

Schell-Loughlin Photo 1.jpg

“Rocky was the DJ at our wedding, and the whole process working with her and Jamie ahead of the big day was very smooth and enjoyable! On our wedding day, Rocky handled the transition from ceremony site to reception site smoothly, and kept people dancing all night with a great mix of music! She really developed a playlist in line with our tastes, we couldn't be happier. Thanks Rocky and Jamie!” - Brittany Schell

Catherine Hollis and Michael Littleton Wedding

Hollis-Littleton Postcard 1.jpg

“Jamie is the best DJ you could possibly hire, especially if good music and fun dancing is part of your wedding plan. We were looking to have an 80s dance party at our wedding and Jamie cooked up a magical set for us. He handled two locations (an outdoor meadow for the ceremony and an indoor space for the reception) without a break in the music. We had fun talking and planning with him ahead of time. It was a really seamless and easy experience. And though we wanted 80s music, Jamie is such a cool music nerd that he can handle or create whatever kind of mood you are looking for. Now stop reading reviews and call DJ Jamie!!”

Natalie Repin and Gonzalo Eyzaguirre Wedding

Repin-Eyzaguirre Photo 1.jpg

”Jamie did a fantastic job at our wedding, through the beginning to the end. And we didn’t exactly have it easy for him, our wedding was basically at the top of a windy hill in the middle of a woody area. To top it off, our after-party was at a different location than our reception, which was also up-hill. But Jamie nailed it. He was really attentive to not only our music tastes, but the music tastes of friends and family to create the perfect blend of music. His library is extensive and his knowledge is vast, and even more importantly he has a good concept of how to blend everything flawlessly. Even my usually grumpy dad was giving his compliments on the music. Jamie is great at sensing the crowd and picking the right songs for the right moments to get people on the floor dancing. Having good music is key to building the right mood at a wedding, highly recommend Jamie.” - Natalie Repin

“I was worried about finding a DJ for our wedding. We didn't want the same standard set of songs or formula you hear at weddings all the time. We really wanted the music to match all the other details of or wedding we had spent so much time planning. Thankfully I heard that Jamie and Rocky did weddings, and luckily they were available for our date! When we met with Jamie and Rocky they really dug into not only our preferences and relationship to music, but also that of our family and friends. From this and other details about our plans for the wedding they did their magic and came up with the perfect set of songs that tailored seamlessly into the other aspect of the wedding, helping create the atmosphere we envisioned. They were able to play music that guests of all generations enjoyed without compromising the integrity of a cohesive set of songs. Also, they really know how to keep the dance party alive! If you want music for your wedding that is played with as much thought and care as you put into all other aspects of your wedding, I can't recommend Ceremony DJs enough.” - Gonzalo Eyzaguirre

Patrick Malloy and Diego Ruiz Wedding

Malloy Ruiz Photo 1.jpg

“My husband and I had an absolutely amazing experience with Jamie DJing our wedding a couple of weekends ago! We had a good feeling from the beginning - he hosts indie dance nights at a bar near our apartment and his sample playlists perfectly matched our tastes - and he totally exceeded our expectations.

The most important part first: Everyone had an amazing time at the event! Jamie covered the time before our ceremony, flawlessly handled music and audio during the ceremony, and kept the party going from the cocktail hour all the way through last call. He chose the perfect music for all the different parts of the evening, and managed to appeal to all the generations that were there. I knew he would nail it with the indie music, but he also did an amazing job getting up to speed some on some of our lower-brow pop favorites, which our friends loved.

Bigger picture: Jamie went above and beyond to help with our music. We did not have a wedding planner, so were stretched pretty thin at times. A less involved DJ might have all the music you want, but it will end up on you to spend a lot of time choosing exactly which songs you want to hear and when. All we had to do with Jamie was tell him our general concept, pick a few of the important songs, and mark the artists we liked in his catalog, and then he handled it all from there. I'm sure it was a lot of work for him, but we were immensely grateful that he was able to take vague direction from us and create an unforgettable musical experience.

I will be recommending Jamie to anyone I know in the Bay Area who is looking for a DJ! He does a fabulous job and is also a very nice person who is a lot of fun to be around!” - Patrick Malloy

”Jamie did such an amazing job with everything for my wedding a few months ago in San Francisco! He was super easy to communicate with leading up to the event, and did a great job working collaboratively with my husband and I to figure out music that would both feel distinctively like us but also appeal to all our friends and family – he’s so knowledgeable about so many genres, I got the impression he could work with pretty much anyone’s musical taste. He covered everything with day-of set up, did our sound during the ceremony, edited specific verses out of our recessional song – he was willing to step up and do basically anything we asked to help the event run smoothly (a really big deal, as we had no planner and were not familiar with event planning ourselves!). And above all, he did an incredible job getting our reception party started, keeping everyone dancing until it was time to shut down the venue. I’d enthusiastically recommend him and Ceremony DJs to anyone who needed a DJ for any event, and especially a wedding -- his music and all-around service was a huge part of what made the day so special for me, my husband and all our friends and family! (A sample text from a friend the day after about our wedding music: “THAT WAS LITERAL BLISS FOR ME”.)” - Diego Ruiz

Sandy Knoblach and Scott Smith Wedding

Sandy Knoblach and Scott Smith Wedding

"After a year of planning, searching for the perfect vendors, location, the perfect suit and perfect dress, the perfect food getting ready for the perfect night... after everything was said and done, two things are said to us about our wedding. People say it was an amazing party,and that we had the best DJ. I'm not making this shit up. Not just our friends either, my Mom. My mom, who listens to Pitbull (Im not kidding) loved the music. Here's what makes Jamie the best DJ ever. He cares. He simply cares about you, your big day, the job he's doing, everything. It was important to my wife and I that we found someone who got us, our style, our music, etc. Jamie was the perfect guy for the job and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides, he's cool as all hell and a pleasure to work with. Also, he has impeccable taste and has a crazy vinyl collection to back it up. YAY for Jamie, the best DJ a couple could ask for. Just reach out to him, meet up with him, talk music, you won't regret it." - Scott Smith

"The only enjoyable part of wedding planning for me was finding Jamie and talking music. My husband and I were thrilled to find a vinyl DJ who understood us and our style of music. Jamie was pleasure to work with and cool guy to get to know. Our guests LOVED the music and complemented us on his skills. I highly recommend Jamie's services and wish we could do it all over again!" - Sandy Knoblach