Frequently Asked Questions


What is this going to cost?

I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you. Just kidding. It's a reasonable, competitive, flat-rate that will match pretty much anyone else you can find, only without any of the strings attached. No extra fees, no overtime, no travel fees, none of that. Just one up front deal and the best music we can come up with together.


What do I get?

Aside from the coolest wedding you can imagine, you get unlimited consultations, unlimited song selections and requests, a fully customized playlist based on your favorite music and as many hours of performance as it takes to complete your event. Plus, a brand new sound system that's nicer than you'll find with anyone else in town.


What kind of gear do you have?

Our standard set up is 2 JBL PRX815 speakers, 2 turntables and a mixer, plus whatever mics you need. We can provide additional equipment to cover multiple rooms if necessary. We usually bring a few crates of records and a computer with Serato for back up.
Also, if you like subs, we've got subs.


What sets you apart from the other guys?

Honestly, try and find another DJ in town that will learn the history of power-pop so you can get married in a leather jacket on stage at Bottom of the Hill. We're here for all you weirdos out there that love music and want to share your love of music with your family and friends on your special day.


Can we hear you perform before we decide?

Most definitely.  We play every 1st Friday at The Knockout for our 2000's theme party, Last Nite. Each show is based on the music charts from a particular year, so they are all different and we are constantly learning. You can hear some of our mixes here.