Natalie Repin and Gonzalo Eyzaguirre Wedding

Repin-Eyzaguirre Photo 1.jpg

”Jamie did a fantastic job at our wedding, through the beginning to the end. And we didn’t exactly have it easy for him, our wedding was basically at the top of a windy hill in the middle of a woody area. To top it off, our after-party was at a different location than our reception, which was also up-hill. But Jamie nailed it. He was really attentive to not only our music tastes, but the music tastes of friends and family to create the perfect blend of music. His library is extensive and his knowledge is vast, and even more importantly he has a good concept of how to blend everything flawlessly. Even my usually grumpy dad was giving his compliments on the music. Jamie is great at sensing the crowd and picking the right songs for the right moments to get people on the floor dancing. Having good music is key to building the right mood at a wedding, highly recommend Jamie.” - Natalie Repin

“I was worried about finding a DJ for our wedding. We didn't want the same standard set of songs or formula you hear at weddings all the time. We really wanted the music to match all the other details of or wedding we had spent so much time planning. Thankfully I heard that Jamie and Rocky did weddings, and luckily they were available for our date! When we met with Jamie and Rocky they really dug into not only our preferences and relationship to music, but also that of our family and friends. From this and other details about our plans for the wedding they did their magic and came up with the perfect set of songs that tailored seamlessly into the other aspect of the wedding, helping create the atmosphere we envisioned. They were able to play music that guests of all generations enjoyed without compromising the integrity of a cohesive set of songs. Also, they really know how to keep the dance party alive! If you want music for your wedding that is played with as much thought and care as you put into all other aspects of your wedding, I can't recommend Ceremony DJs enough.” - Gonzalo Eyzaguirre