Christine Goffredo and Julian Aguayo-Pohl Wedding

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“The most amazing experience you could ask for in a DJ. These guys really really know music. I did a lot of DIY/nontraditional things for my wedding (a friend took photos, not a professional, I had no cake, I didn't have a wedding party--that kind of thing), and I was intending to make my own playlist. But as I did more planning, I realized how much WORK goes into that, and knowing what to play, and how could I change songs in the middle of my own wedding? Plus, my wedding combined people who liked 70's rock with Puerto Ricans who love merengue and friends who love indie. So, I decided to hire Jamie because I used to go to his Debaser DJ shows in San Francisco and loved them. I'm so glad I went with him--it made me feel so relieved and took a lot of stress off. He did a consultation where he asked us about our friends and family's music tastes, and about what my now husband and I really liked and wanted to hear. He saw threads through those totally disparate sounding genres that we never would have seen, and he crafted a beautiful, seamless evening of music that kept everyone stoked, dancing, and in the best moods ever, from pre-ceremony through reception. Even my sister-in-law's DJ boyfriend couldn't believe the transitions. Also, he knew way more about weddings than I or my husband did. Jamie's wedding experience actually helped us plan our schedule so the day flowed perfectly, and music never stopped. We requested a mash-up for our first dance, and a specific part of a song for exiting the aisle, and he nailed it. At the end of the night, we got permission from the venue to stay an hour later, and I don't know how, but he kept the seamless flow of music going that whole hour. Lastly, he's an awesome awesome person, who is flexible, down to earth, energetic, and great to work with. In sum: everything was just absolutely amazing.” - Christine Goffredo